Herring Fillets in Oil

Herring Fillets in Tomato

Caesar Salad

The classic Caesar’s Salad is a favorite around the world. Ours has to be the easiest to prepare. Simply pick lettuce, pull anchovy can ring, scatter cherry tomatoes and croutons, sprinkle cheese, pour dressing, and mangia. Thumbs up!

Anchovy Bruschetta

Sure, you love anchovies on pizza. Now get ready to adore them on toast! This easy recipe makes the perfect snack or seafood appetizer.

Kipper Snacks and Avocado Sandwiches

A classic Norwegian open-face sandwich with authentically wood-smoked kippered herring and smooth, ripe avocado – your new favorite way to eat your long-time favorite Kipper Snacks!

Ready to eat Shrimp with Chili Sauce

Patagonian Toothfish Steak

Frozen Raw Pangasius Fillets

Frozen Raw Salmon Steak

Frozen Cooked Head on Shell on Shrimp

Frozen Raw Peeled Shrimp

Mashed Shrimp for Kids

Toothfish for Kids

Cod Liver Pate

Cod Liver

Anchovies with Christmas Spices


Herring Cocktails

Kipper Snacks

Tuna Salads

Infusions Tuna

Tuna in Sauces

Yellowfin Tuna

Shredded Mackerel

Skinless & Boneless Mackerel Fillets

Mackerel Fillets

Brisling Sardines

Royal Selection Sardines

Vintage Sardines

Sardine & Seeds Salad

Delight yourself this lunchtime with a lightly-smoked salad fit for a king.

Kipper Snacks and Beet Salad

For something fun and different, try His Majesty’s favorite Kipper Snacks salad recipe with beets. It’s fast and simply delicious. Light enough for lunch, powerful enough for dinner!

Tuna Vegetable Medley

Pair roasted veggies with basil-infused tuna for a marvellously mediterranean take on a lunch.

Sardine Sushi

Sushi has gone mainstream. And now this Japanese cuisine favorite gets a Norwegian twist. Sardine sushi makes a delicious and light dinner. Perfect as an appetizer too!

Tuna & Halloumi Salad

Put lunchtime on a pedestal with this elegantly ribboned courgette salad.

Spanish Style Salad with Sardines

A nice fresh salad that brings a little heat! Takes your palate on a first-class, non-stop flight to Madrid.

Sardine ‘Smørrebrød’

Top smørrebrød with sardines for a remarkably royal upgrade on Sunday brunch.

Sardine Tostadas with Avocado Salsa

Seafood tostadas made easy! With all the goodness of brisling sardines and avocado.

Thai Tuna Salad

Step into Southeast Asia with this crunchy collection of fresh veggies and Thai-spiced tuna.

Deviled Eggs with Sardines

Eggs and the salty flavor of fish go together, and this recipe offers more proof of that. Simply the best deviled eggs you will ever eat. Bright and colorful too, so a fun addition to your party tray!

Mediterranean Mackerel

Elevate your lunch with a wholesome blend of seasoned rice, roasted vegetables and tender mackerel.

Royal Sardine Tapenade

Visit the Mediterranean…or at least take your mouth there! This classic tapenade is full of flavor and is ready to go about as fast as you can open a can of sardines.

Sunny-side Mackerel

With runny egg, tangy tomato and buttery spinach, this mackerel recipe is ideal for a weekend breakfast.

Sardine Tapenade Tomato Bites

As tasty as they are colorful, our Sardine Tapenade Tomato Bites please palates and add visual pop to your table. Food that’s fun to serve and eat!

Tuna on Chargrilled Romaine

This lunch recipe turns the humble Romaine lettuce into a culinary carriage of flavour.

Greek Salad with Mackerel

It’s the classic Greek salad you love. Only it’s unlike any other Greek salad you’ve had before! Super convenient, gourmet quality Mediterranean Style Mackerel makes the difference.

Sweet Potato Tuna Tartine

Perfect for a warm weekend brunch, treat yourself to tuna-topped sweet potato with a delicate samphire garnish.

“Tuna-Style” Mackerel Salad Sandwich

Add a new twist to one of your lunchtime favorites! This sandwich will change the way you think about mackerel.

Tuna in Rainbow Salad

Liven up your lunch with this colourful combination of tuna, fresh veggies and crusty bread.

Mediterranean Mackerel Pasta

Seafood pasta made easy! Perfect for a delicious dinner when you’re short on time. Or bring to work in a cook-safe container, re-heat, and treat your taste buds to an amazing lunch!

Superfood Sardines

Sit sardines atop a crushed broad bean base to maximise nutrition and serve seriously refined flavour.

Mackerel-Stuffed Baked Potatoes

We’ve combined classic comfort food with delicious, ready-to-serve, top quality mackerel. You’ve never had a stuffed potato like this before!