Herring Fillets in Oil

Herring Fillets in Tomato

Ready to eat Shrimp with Chili Sauce

Patagonian Toothfish Steak

Frozen Raw Pangasius Fillets

Frozen Raw Salmon Steak

Frozen Cooked Head on Shell on Shrimp

Frozen Raw Peeled Shrimp

Mashed Shrimp for Kids

Toothfish for Kids

Cod Liver Pate

Cod Liver

Anchovies with Christmas Spices


Herring Cocktails

Kipper Snacks

Tuna Salads

Infusions Tuna

Tuna in Sauces

Yellowfin Tuna

Shredded Mackerel

Skinless & Boneless Mackerel Fillets

Mackerel Fillets

Brisling Sardines

Royal Selection Sardines

Vintage Sardines