Sardine ‘Smørrebrød’

Top smørrebrød with sardines for a remarkably royal upgrade on Sunday brunch.


Rye bread
1/4 Red cabbage
150ml Red wine vinegar
50g Golden caster sugar
Pinch Fennel seeds
1/2 Cinnamon stick
2 Free range eggs
Sardines in oil
100g Mayonnaise
15g Dijon mustard
5g English mustard


  1. Finely slice the red cabbage and bring to the boil with the red wine, sugar, fennel seeds and cinnamon stick.
  2. Once it comes to the boil stir well, remove from the heat and cover.
  3. Boil the eggs for 6.5 minutes and cool under cold water then peel and half.
  4. Mix the mustards and mayonnaise.
  5. Slice the bread and lightly toast it.
  6. Spread the mayonnaise on the toast, then the red cabbage, eggs, watercress and sardines.
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