Tuna on Chargrilled Romaine

This lunch recipe turns the humble Romaine lettuce into a culinary carriage of flavour.


1 Romaine lettuce
1 Stick of celery
1/4 Cucumber
1/2 Pear
1/4 Lemon for juice
Tuna in olive oil
Salmon eggs -
50g Yoghurt
Olive oil


  1. Cut the romaine lettuce in half lengthways, rub the cut side with olive oil, season lightly and cook on a hot griddle pan on the cut side only.
  2. Dice the celery, cucumber and pear and dress with lemon juice, olive oil and chopped dill.
  3. Use the lettuce as a base then add the, celery mix, tuna, salmon eggs, yoghurt and cracked black pepper.
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